Smart, efficient and responsive agent!

I entrusted my husband with the overall process of all the property. In the past, real estate felt like roughing everything at every meeting and eventually there was a big problem on the day of the auction. However after starting with Vanessa, I have experience the same sort of house she sells at every meeting, one by one nealty arranged. Vanessa, who does not panic and calmly handle under any circumstances was the best agent to recommend to anyone without hesitation.


Whatever the circumstances, she resolved.

The vendor said the reality was different. In that situation, I saw Vanessa working out calmly and my family was forced to admire it. Her situation-solving abilities helped her not only to immerse in the real estate sector, but to also excel in her life. I want to express my gratitude to Vanessa for her life and for all the process my family has done with her.


The best agent you are looking for!

Vanessa is an agent that I can never forget, always talking to the restlessly, explaining market trends easily and forgetting the kindness. 


Best service of long distance!

I have never seen Vanessa before but when my husband was in Sydney he bought an apartment from her and when he sold it, he managed the rental at Rich & Oliva but left it to Vanessa. I knew excatly why my husband had a deal with Vanessa when he was later sold. My husband sells his apartment in Guangzhou but as always, he is in contact with Vanessa, so she always gives him details of everything through photos and email so my husband sold his apartment without any trouble. It was a difficult market, but I really appreciate she selling it. 


Never give up an agent!

I do not know how many real estate companies have promised that I can get your house at the best price in the market. So I tried to sell it to anyone to get an offer. Vanessa alone was the agent for me, with everyone talking and giving me a real offer. If anyone sells your house, I will recommend Vanessa without hesitation!