Gavin Is Excellent!

Gavin Just sold my old, run down house for a result way above our expectations!

He sold for $155,500 over my reserve, wow. I think that’s a street record for a block in the street!

A few streets away a renovated house on a bigger block, sold on the same day by a different agent for $120,000 LESS than mine did! That’s because of all the hard work Gavin did.

I will recommend Gavin to sell any home in any area. He worked the market well, brought in the right crowd and most importantly found the right competition for my property.


Really helpful for the first home buyers

It was a great experience with Gavin while we bought our first home. There were lots of unknown as we were looking for apartment for the very first time. Gavin provided all the details and made our entire journey seamless.


I highly recommend him. He's really trystworthy.



Purchase in Homebush

I dont have a lot of love for aggressive pushy salespeople, something Gavin is not. He was patient, knowledgeable and willing to avail his time to me for my first purchase in Sydney.


A wonderful real estate agent I could find

As a first home buyer, I was new to the real estate market looking for a dream home. I was lucky to find Gavin, an expert in his own field who is very professional and considerate. Gavin helped me through the inspections providing all relevant details about the properties and his expert advice. He was very understanding through the negotiations and settlement process while, building an atmosphere of trust between both the parties.


Thank you, Gavin


What a great person to deal with

I have always lumped Real Estate Agents and Used Car Salesmen as people to avoid, but having had a great experience and the service from Gavin, I would rate him as a person with whom you can truely rely on, to do what he says he will do, because he does it.

Ann & Dick