I have known Elie for quite some time now. I would attend Elie's open inspections quite regularly, between Strathfield and Homebush. I had attended so many of Elie's open inspections that my face became quite familiar to him. Elie would always be excited and helpful when he saw me (as I am an elderly lady who does need extra assistance. Other agents would roll their eyes when they repeatedly saw me.) I would ask Elie endless amounts of questions and he always respected me and provided me with all the information needed, even though I was so slow in making decisions. I did miss out on one lovely property that was listed with Elie on Russell St, Strathfield, however Elie reassured me that something better would pop up. Elie was patient, helpful and passionate about his job. I inspected over 50 properties in the last one year, and I always knew that I would purchase a property from Elie Semrani, considering how helpful he has been. Thank you my dear. You deserve nothing but success as you are a hard working agent. Thank you.


Elie Semrani just doesn’t compare with anyone else. He has ‘special’ conversation and negotiation skills that no other agent has. Anyone can learn from his attitude and skills, which express nothing short of determination. Elie is able to calmly control and take the lead in any difficult situation. I can’t express how thankful I am to have Elie assist me with the sale of my property. He did his best right up until the end and never gave up.

Vendor of 3/430 Liverpool

Peace of mind, excellent services in a professional way

Elie is a responsible person and took care of everything in selling my property. Unexpectedly quick, contract signed within the first week lodged to the website. Well done Elie.



1. Efficient 2. Knowledgeable 3. Pro-active 4. Responsive 5. Gets the job done Elie has handled the sales processes from start to finish with the most professional attitude. Well done and hats off the Elie!

Purchaser - Vivian

Very helpful agent

Elie was very professional and easy to communicate with during the whole process. He was understanding that this was my first home purchase and was able to negotiate with the owner with a good outcome for both parties. Elie was very helpful and this was a very positive experience overall.

Buyer - Nuria