5 Best Places To Live In Sydney

best places to live in sydney

If you’re seeking a home in Sydney, be sure to explore these amazing neighbourhoods: Strathfield, Abbotsford, Burwood, Homebush and Homebush West. A recent study concluded that these are the five best places to live in Sydney. All of these suburbs provide residents with an excellent quality of life, including access to high-quality schools, beautiful parks, and reliable public transportation.

1. Strathfield


Strathfield is one of the most conveniently located suburbs in Sydney when it comes to accessibility to almost everywhere else. It’s very convenient for individuals who want to explore all that Sydney has to offer on a regular basis, thanks to its proximity to almost everywhere else.

It is made up of wide, tree-lined avenues lined with huge clusters of contemporary homes, Victorian and Federation cottages, and California bungalows. It features a plethora of amenities and schools, as well as many different dining options (albeit they’re mostly Asian so not very diverse). It’s also a town of two extremes, where future residents have to decide between living in a more affordable but loud central area or opting for the quieter lifestyle by paying much more money for one of the suburb’s larger size homes.

Given that Strathfield is only 12 km from the city centre and has a plethora of local and nearby amenities, it’s no wonder the suburb is so sought-after by buyers. Check out houses for rent in Strathfield here.

2. Burwood

burwood house for sale

Burwood is the perfect place to raise a family with everything you need right at your doorstep. Shopping destinations like Burwood One and Burwood Brickworks make it easy to get what you need, while still having plenty of variety. You’ll never be bored in Burwood!

Burwood is a great place to live for students, with plenty of educational facilities nearby including Deakin University, Mount Scopus Memorial College, PLC (Presbyterian Ladies’ College), Burwood East Primary and Burwood Heights Primary. Getting around is easy with Tram along Burwood Highway and Blackburn Station only minutes drive.

Many residents of Burwood feel positive about their community and have not regretted investing here. The main reasons they enjoy living in Burwood are the sense of community and the opportunity to achieve work-life balance. Check out houses for sale in Burwood here.

3. Abbotsford

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Abbotsford, a riverside suburb located in Sydney’s inner west and only 10 kilometres from the central business district, is home to 5400 residents. It provides access to relatively affordable villages that each have their own unique personalities. Although demand for properties has always been high, there are rarely more than a handful of homes available on the market.

Abbotsford is also a wonderful place to live for those who want to be close to the city but still enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. It is situated near many gorgeous waterfront parks and lovely trails, perfect for a nice walk or picnic. There are plenty great shopping and dining options available. Abbotsford is also home to a number of excellent schools, making it a great choice for families. Learn more about Abbotsford rentals here.

4. Homebush

Homebush is a culturally diverse area located in Sydney’s Inner West district, between North Strathfield, Concord and Sydney Olympic Park. It gained notoriety as the site of the 2000 Sydney Olympics at Olympic Park (which was its own suburb from 2009 onward) but has since become a popular residential area for families and individuals from all corners of the globe. The impressive array of residents from different cultural backgrounds has made Homebush into the friendly melting pot it is today.

Homebush offers residents many close proximity to amenities. The suburb is located only 14-kilometres away from the Sydney CBD with convenient shopping and schooling nearby, as well as stunning views of the Parramatta River. It offers family estates, townhouses, traditional cottages and modern architect-designed homes – a significant variety in comparison to other suburbs that mostly contain multi-storey apartment blocks. Additionally, Homebush has a large train station that services multiple bus routes making commuting during weekdays much easier. Plus, If you’re looking for a one stop shop for all your major shopping needs, Ikea Rhodes (one of Australia’s largest megastores) is also available at the nearby Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre.

With its prime location, lifestyle and family-friendly living on offer in Homebush altogether, it’s no wonder why this suburb is constantly growing more popular. Check out some houses for sale in Homebush here.

5. Homebush West

Homebush West is situated just 12km from the CBD, making it the perfect place for those who want to live close to the city without being right in the thick of it. It’s also well-connected, with major train lines and buses running through the suburb.

No wonder this suburb is constantly growing in popularity-it has an unbeatable location, a great lifestyle, and it’s perfect for families. Strathfield Partners has a range of properties available in Homebush West, so be sure to get in touch with us if you’re interested in making this your new home.

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