Affordable Housing

What is affordable housing?

At Strathfield Partners, we offer affordable housing as a reliable housing option for households facing challenges with private market rents. Our focus is to bridge the gap between social housing and the private rental market by providing secure and affordable accommodation solutions.

The necessity for affordable housing arises from the escalating housing costs in Australia, outpacing the growth in average income levels. This disparity has left many low-to-moderate income earners struggling to cope with housing expenses, leading to housing stress. Our affordable housing initiatives target working individuals earning a low-to-moderate income, ensuring that these households can afford essential living expenses such as food, utilities, healthcare, and transportation.

Strathfield Partners specializes in managing properties on behalf of numerous developers and property investors, offering expert property management services tailored to meet specific needs. If you’re interested in how we can assist you in managing your property effectively, feel free to reach out for more information.

Affordable Housing Vs Social Housing

It’s crucial to differentiate between affordable housing and social housing. Affordable housing caters to a wider range of household incomes compared to social housing, enabling tenants with higher incomes to remain eligible for accommodation.

Rent calculations and tenancy arrangements vary between affordable housing and social housing. While social housing properties are exclusively offered to applicants on the NSW Housing Register, affordable housing is open to all applicants without the need for a waiting list, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.

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