Our Strata Plan

Liability limited by a strata plan scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Strata Plan Scheme

At Strathfield Partners, we believe that the quintessential ingredient for good client relations is prompt, thorough, caring and efficient service. As the task of managing the common property is vast and involves a multitude of disciplines, we offer our services to ensure that the Owners Corporation meets its obligations under the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996.  We believe this can only be achieved through a co-operative and cohesive relationship between Strathfield Partner’s Strata Management Division the Executive Committee and the Owners Corporation.

Proactive Strata Plan and Management

Proactive Management is conducted through the allocation of all duties to staff that have been extensively selected to carry out respective roles. Each member is informed of all aspects of the property and management.

Communications Plan

Communications Plan will ensure all parties are aware of the status and progress of each management. Strathfield Partners is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days per week as we believe that communication is one of the key aspects towards successful relations and business as well as client satisfaction and comfort.

As part of our communication plan, we will introduce ourselves to any existing tenants of properties, place notices on noticeboards or in mailboxes to encourage feedback and an open relationship between client and agent. Our staff are all trained to value the importance of communication in order to form rapport and trust to ensure clients have a stress free experience and are comfortable and satisfied at all times.

Initial, Routine and Final Inspections

Initial, Routine and Final Inspections will be conducted prior to tenancy, routine inspections during tenancy periods to ensure the condition of the property as well as quality assurance inspections to ensure building quality. Reports of inspections will also be kept on record and forwarded to clients.


Supervision of all matters are conducted by the Directors as well as supervision of account payments and outgoings conducted by Senior Account Managers and Senior Managers.

Changes to Strata Title Legislation – What You Need to Know