Market wrap for Strathfield – Burwood – Ashfield February 2023 quarter
By Dr Nicola Powell
Chief of Research and Economics
February saw Sydney’s clearance rate jump to a sixteen-month high, at 69%. This marks the first annual improvement since late 2021 and the first time it has climbed above 60% in almost a year. At a time of declining property prices and worsening mortgage affordability, the performance of clearance rates can be a good indication of buyer confidence and the strength of the property market. Historically, clearance rates tend to seasonally bounce early in the year and are often higher than the previous year closed. This is why it’s too early for us to use this as a measure of green shoots but if it continues, it could be a further sign of stablisation.
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Auction Market 
109 66.4% 26 20
70 64.3% 18 16
Days on market
The average number of days Strathfield – Burwood – Ashfield properties were advertised for, in the last 3 months
61.0 days – Houses
99.3 days – Units
Origin of enquiries
55.9%  of sales enquiries in
Strathfield – Burwood – Ashfield came from outside the area.