Living in a trendy postcode can be a nice bonus, but it’s nowhere near the top of the list of what home buyers want in their suburb

THE thing that influences homebuyers the most when it comes to buying in a particular suburbs is price.

New research by has revealed it’s not about living in the trendy suburbs that appeals most to buyers but things like price, low crime rates and peace and quiet.

In fact many potential buyers rated living in an entertainment area fairly low on their list of priorities.

Half of respondents were most concerned about cost, 38 per cent put peace and quiet at the top of their wishlist and about a quarter wanted to make sure the crime rate was low.

Perhaps not surprisingly living close to an airport was the least important factor when choosing where to live – although one per cent did put it in their top three wish list.

While many might like to visit local bars and music venues, buyers weren’t too keen on living close to them.

About a fifth of respondents wanted to be close to family and friends and 11 per cent wanted to suburb to be pet friendly.