Next NSW Premier must continue to drive Sydney’s growth: Chris Johnson

The Urban Taskforce acknowledges the incredible position that Mike Baird has achieved for the state of NSW.

The next Premier for NSW must be someone who continues the drive for growth with infrastructure that has been the hallmark of Mike Baird’s term.

Mike Baird as NSW Premier has been a great champion of the growth of metropolitan Sydney with a commitment towards delivering badly-needed public transport networks throughout Sydney.

Sydney is Australia’s global city and as a result is must develop into a well- connected metropolis, with additional density, housing and services located around a metro rail network. It is crucial the new Premier continue this approach to ensure Sydney’s continued success as a growing, prosperous global city with a high standard of living.

The alignment of infrastructure, transport and urban planning will be critical to the shape of the new cabinet once a new Premier has been appointed.

While the urban growth of Sydney is clearly a priority for the state, the recent Orange Bye-election demonstrates that the NSW Government must ensure that the rural and regional areas are incorporated into the government’s agenda.

According to many economic commentators NSW is starting see some head winds come its way. The reduction in red tape and providing a planning system that gives certainty but also promotes innovation and investment in the built environment are now more than ever essential to our state’s economic success.