REINSW calls on new premier to review stamp duty

A review of tax system including stamp duty should be the first point of business for newly appointed premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Former premier Mike Baird had taxation reform on his agenda. 

It’s time for his successor to deliver something back to property consumers.

A review of the tax system is necessary immediately.

The NSW government has seen windfall after windfall in recent years and it is time to give back.

We urge Premier Berejiklian to recognise that stamp duty has not been reviewed for 30 years.

It’s time for a Premier to step in and take charge. We believe that Gladys Berejiklian has the potential to be the Premier who leads NSW into a future where property consumers aren’t being ripped off by outdated stamp duty brackets.

Premier Berejiklian can lead NSW into a future were incentives for first homebuyers purchasing existing properties are reinstated. We call on Premier Berejiklian, as leader of the NSW Government to reduce stamp duty for first homebuyers by 50 per cent for the purchase of a residential property less than $1 million. 

We also urge her to provide the ability to pay the stamp duty over time in what will help to ease the housing affordability crisis that we are experiencing.