Seven easy ways to achieve your financial goals

I want to share with you seven relatively easy ways to achieve your financial goals with very little personal effort. As I incorporated more and more of these small tips into my daily life, the savings started to add up and saved me thousands over the course of a year

Investors are constantly looking at ways of building wealth and accumulating assets with their focus is driven by working harder to generate more money to then invest in either, property, shares or cash. Therefore the majority of our focus is (rightly so) on our balance sheet and we pay less attention to our profit and loss. I focus on both which has helped me to build equity and wealth more quickly. At the end of the day the result is about net worth, the gap between the gross value of my assets and any debt owing.

Most Australians have debt, so let me explain some very simple strategies that have worked for me and has helped me accelerate my wealth without costing a penny. A reminder that this is of a general nature and for specific advice you should seek professional advice.