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Council is developing a Masterplan for the Strathfield Town Centre to support an exciting, accessible and vibrant destination that can be enjoyed by all.

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Strathfield Council is pursuing an exciting new vision for the future of the Strathfield Town Centre, and we are seeking your feedback. Council has commenced the preparation of a Masterplan for the town centre.As a local resident or business, your feedback during this process will be instrumental in shaping the final direction of this plan. We want to create a shared vision ensuring the town centre thrives as an exciting, accessible and vibrant destination that can be enjoyed by all. Your feedback is needed to achieve this.

About the Masterplan

Council has commenced the preparation of a Masterplan for the Strathfield Town Centre which will guide future growth and change. Leveraging the existing strong features of the town centre, Council aims to provide new opportunities for community, business and cultural activities.To start this process, Council has articulated some high-level objectives for the Strathfield Town Centre Masterplan:

  • Set direction and create confidence associated with the future of Strathfield Town Centre.Support clear and transparent decision making and policy.Provide an evidence base to support any future amendments to the Strathfield Local Environment Plan or Strathfield Development Control Plan.Enliven economic development and diversity of employment opportunities.Identify and prioritise public realm and placemaking opportunities.Support the creation of a strong brand identity for Strathfield Town Centre.Encourage collaboration and innovation where this would advance a positive outcome for the Town Centre.Provide a basis for future grant or funding applications to improve Strathfield Town Centre.Ultimately create a great place and destination.

Councils’ Project Team are in the process of reviewing available background information and we are keen to work closely with existing businesses, landowners, community and other stakeholders to identify and deliver important public benefits including:

  • Enhancement of public spaces.Improved urban design, planning vision and controls.Economic opportunities linked to destination experiences and branding.Improved accessibility to public and active transport opportunities.

The Strathfield Town Centre Masterplan will be supported by a strong vision prepared in consultation with the community and stakeholders. To understand how the community use and visit the town centre and priorities the objectives and outcomes of the Masterplan; we need community and stakeholder feedback.

We will be hosting a series of public engagement events early this year so that the Masterplan is informed by input from the community and stakeholders.

The Study Area

Study Area

Strathfield Town Centre adjacent to parts of Canada Bay and Burwood Councils. Whilst Strathfield Council will work collaboratively with all stakeholders, the recommendations made in the Masterplan will only relate to the areas of the Town Centre within the Strathfield Council local government area.

Masterplan Core Study Area

The ‘Core study area’ relates to those areas of the Town Centre, including Strathfield Square and the Strathfield Plaza Shopping Centre which are within the Strathfield Council area. Strathfield Councils planning controls zone the area as either Mixed Use or Commercial Core.

Masterplan Frame Area

The ‘Frame area’ includes the railway station and adjacent business areas to the east which are in the Burwood LGA. These areas will be considered carefully as part of this Masterplan study.