Sydney more expensive than London for international students: Savills

Sydney has replaced London as the most expensive place to study for international students outside the US, with a monthly cost of $4,700, says a recent Savills report.

The strengthening Aussie dollar pushed Sydney higher than London to fourth position globally among the 20 cities examined.

London was dragged down by a weaker sterling, according to Savills annual World Student Housing cost of living, accommodation and tuition rankings.

It now costs $4,600 a month to be an international student in London.

Savills World Research, using data by, calculated that living and studying costs in London have dropped as fluctuations in the value of sterling has made the city cheaper for international students. 

Boston, New York and San Francisco have retained their positions as the world’s top three most expensive cities for international students, each costing in excess of $5,500 a month, 20% more than the next dearest city. 

Australia remains the third most popular country for international students, as the overseas student population continues to increase in both universities and other education sectors, said a recent Savills report.