Top 5 Style Tips for a Cosy Christmas Home

 ‘’The best gift around the Christmas tree is the presence of family, wrapped in love’’.

Christmas is all about spending time with our loved ones, family, friends and children. Decorating your home for Christmas is an opportunity to have some fun and a chance to show off your house off a little when your friends are over.


1. Styling your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree plays a big part in styling your home, it is the centerpiece of your holiday décor. Getting it styled right is the first step.

When selecting decorations for your tree, you might want to pick a theme. Do you want a back-to-nature, whimsy, and colorful or minimalist feel? Your decoration pieces depend on the festive theme that you pick. If you choose a Christmas style that is influenced by nature, you’ll use wooden ornaments, brown paper wrapping, and twine. For a whimsical Christmas theme, bright colors decorations, fun patterns and eclectic decorations will suit your home better.

As a general rule of thumb, to create a stylish and balanced Christmas tree, you have to keep it simple. Choose up to 7 ornament designs and 6-12 units each design, depending on the size of your tree. Most stores sell ornaments in boxes of 6-12, this is perfect! You can then add more intricate baubles such as crystal, wooden toy, crochet or even a DIY accessory.


2. Styling your small, tiny, cozy space

No room for a massive, classic Christmas tree? Don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice that festive feel if your living space is compact. There are plenty of mini decorations for tree alternatives that would still give off the Christmas touch. Opt for a small tree that can be displayed on a table or dresser, hang your stockings at your bookcase and have grouped candles at your bedside table.

The idea is to add small, yet personal touches throughout your home. Remember that it’s the small details that matter, there is always space for you to place a small Christmas tree, string some twinkle lights and put some Christmas shine on your home.


3. Holiday Heaven Scent

Often forgotten, it’s not the sight but also the scent of Christmas! Who doesn’t love the fresh pine scent of lush, green Christmas tree? Do you know that our sense of smell is one of our strongest? We associate a certain smell with places, people, feelings and memories.

There are plenty of ways to do this such as stylish candles, diffusers, wax melts and sprays to choose from- and they can be styled in many beautiful ways! Consider this as the roundup to add warmth to your home.

Amid the hustle and bustle of decorating your home, finding presents and making travel plans, it is easily forgotten that Christmas is about togetherness. Take a moment to stop, breathe and appreciate your loved ones around you.

Putting it all together, Strathfield Partners wishes you a safe and wonderful Christmas!